A Leading Provider of Satellite Image Analysis

Expertise In Processing Multi-Spectral Imagery


Providing a more cost-effective solution for mapping pipelines and monitoring urbanization with automatic change detection in pipelines.

Oil & Gas

Utilizing proprietary algorithms to prevent potential encroachments, determine levels of compliance and assist in environmental restoration.

Power Utilities

Using current and historical data to monitor water temperature, fly ash and nutrients to efficiently and effectively serve our customers.

Water & Wastewater

We provide five samples for every acre allowing you to pinpoint areas where water problems are occurring with laboratory testing accuracy.

This new technology allows my team and me to automate (analysis tasks); we get info quicker which allows us to act on it.

Joshua Beard

GIS Supervisor, Marathon Petroleum

The Blueprint

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You really can’t get this information in a cost-effective manner any other way. It’s a real bargain if you’re trying to do a real comprehensive analysis.

Frank Pickett

Aquatic biologist, PPL Montana

Proprietary Analysis

Unlock the power of satellite imaging at any date back to 1984 and going forward with patent and patent pending algorithms that can monitor many different constituents like Blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria), Chlorophyll-a, Total Phosphorus on land and relative Total Phosphorus in water, Temperature, Submerged Aquatic Vegetation and others. We provide a total picture with 5 samples per acre instead of a few sample points. All this and our custom viewer provides cloud based information and statistics at your desktop without the use of expensive geographic software.

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