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Satellite images of land areas can provide concentration data of chemicals such as phosphorous, lime, and hazardous materials at 5 samples per acre.


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Uncover Never-Seen-Before Information and Insight About Specific Water Body Assets

At Blue Water Satellite we analyze your water like it has never been analyzed before. Using patented and patent pending image processing we provide five samples for every acre allowing you to pinpoint areas where water problems are occurring. We measure in parts per billion with accuracy that rivals laboratory testing. Currently we provide data on Cyanobacteria (Harmful Algal Blooms), Chlorophyll-a, Total Phosphorus on land and in water, temperature and submerged aquatic vegetation.

Just a few examples of the uses our technology are:

  • Recurring analysis to determine when water body problems occur
  • Localizing water problems for treatment
  • Determining the success rate of treatment programs.
  • Tracking long term trends (back to 1984) in water body quality

Many more uses are possible. Contact us with your water body problems and let us work with you on a solution.

You CAN’T tell this……

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Conventional Water Sampling
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Find out how enhanced satellite images can unlock amazing new insights about your water assets. These images can tell you things you could discover in no other way. Tell us about your application and we will literally tailor the Webinar to be most meaningful to your application – all in a 15 or 30 minute version for your convenience.

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